Twitter from Sugawara to "Braint down the brain", arrested on suspicion of intimidation News from the whole country of MBS

Sugawara & # 39; s Twitter was arrested on suspicion of threatening to "crush the brain in the bat"

Update: 2018-09-03 13:05

Saak City & # 39; s unemployed Shigemi Noguchi (67) was arrested on suspicion of intimidation.

According to investigators, Noguchi suspected that he threatened to threaten in April this year by former finance minister Kazuhide Sugawara's member of the House of Representatives (56) & # 39; Twitter & # 39; When you see it in the city, you crush the brains in a baseball bat. "It is being held." Noguchi said, "I do not need any MPs to neglect the National Assembly." "You will immediately stop the parliament." found it reported to the Metropolitan Police Department and found it, then Sugawara filed the damage report.

"Because it makes an introductory announcement on the net anonymous, there is absolutely no such thing that should happen, please do not forgive, with a helmet in the car, look around) There were several days" (Komei Sugawara, House of Representatives)

Noguchi admitted that he questioned that he "complained about the built up regime" after he had admitted accusations. (03: 11: 39)

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