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This typhoon is expected to approach significantly the Japanese environment next week next week. Typhoon 19 (Soric) and Typhoon 20 (Cimarron) which occurred at 9 o'clock in the waters near the Truk islands. This week we need attention for the trends of these two typhoons.

Typhoon 19 The closest approach to Okinawa around 21

The first is Typhoon 19th. Today, typhoon 19 develops in a sea area with high sea temperatures, while it slowly moves westward towards the Ogasawara ocean. Today the waves of Typhoon 19 will arrive on the Pacific side of West Japan and East Japan, and the wave will be even higher. Tomorrow the warm, humid air around the typhoon flows into the rain, and on the Pacific side of western Japan and eastern Japan, far from the typhoon, there is a locally severe rain. As the typhoon develops further north-west, it rises to the northwest, rises to a very strong force, and on the 21st (Tuesday) it comes fairly close to Okinawa · Amami, southern part of Kyushu, the rain is getting stronger and it will be stormy.
【Prediction of heavy rain】 Rain clouds of the typhoon body will take place in the southern part of Kyushu and the Amami area, and there is a danger of heavy rainfall with very heavy rainfall accompanied by thunderstorms after tomorrow. The expected amount of rainfall every 24 hours to 18.00 hours on the 21st 21st, the Tokai region, Kinki district, Shikoku region 100 to 150 mm, Kyushu northern region, Kyushu south · Amami region 50 to 100 mm prospect It is. Be aware of the sediment-related disasters caused by heavy rain, flooding of low land, increased river and floods, even in areas far from typhoons.
【anticipating windstorm】 Tomorrow, in the Okinawa region and the southern part of Kyushu and the Amami area, the wind gradually becomes stronger around the sea and becomes a bamboo, and there will be places where there is a big problem in the Okinawa region. The waves gradually increase from East Japan to the Pacific side of Western Japan and there will be places to work. The maximum wind speed (maximum instantaneous wind speed) expected for 20th is 20 meters (30 meters) in the Okinawa region, 15 meters (23 meters) in the southern part of Kyushu and the Amami region.
【Takahi & # 39; s forecast】 The expected wave height is 20 Ogasawara islands, the Okinawa region is 6 meters, the southern part of Kyushu and the Amami region is 5 meters, Izu Islands, Tokai district , Kinki district, Shikoku district, It is 4 meters in the northern part of Kyushu. As the typhoon approaches the 21st, the wind will become even stronger in the south of Kyushu, the district of Amami, the district of Shikoku and it will be a big problem. Especially in the southern part of Kyushu and the Amami area where the typhoon is approaching, there is the possibility that it will be a violent bite with a strong wind. Keep an eye on sea free time, for a while for windstorms and high waves accompanied by swell.

Typhoon # 20 Fear of coming to Western Japan / Eastern Japan at the weekend

Typhoon 20 is expected to travel northward without following the 19th number. Today, Typhoon 20 is currently on the Truk Islands and is slowly moving north-west. In the future we will increase the speed bit by bit and there is a danger that we will come to Western Japan around East Japan around Friday. The forecasting circle is still high and although the price is not yet firmly established, the fear that Western Japan and East Japan is approaching is increasing significantly. Depending on the path of Typhoon No. 20, the weather can change drastically. Those who intend to go out during the summer holidays can also cause traffic disruption, so careful attention is required for future trends.

Typhoon 19 Kitakami Recently approached No. 20

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