Typhoon 19 No. 50.1 m / s storm observed Typhoon 20 affects western Japan on Thursday, March 23rd BIGLOBE News

2018/08/22 00:23 Weather news

From Monday 20 (Monday) 9 pm the very strong typhoon 19 (Soric) is near the Tokara islands, and the strong typhoon No. 20 (Cimarron) is located in the Ogasawara ocean, both west and northwest.

Typhoon 19 is closest to the southern part of Kyushu and the Amami region.
Typhoon No. 20 is expected to land on Thursday, March 23 and to land in the Shikoku region and the Kinki district.
Try to obtain the latest information, take into account windstorms and heavy rain showers.

Typhoon No.19 observed a wind storm of 50.1 m / s on the Tokara Islands

▼ Typhoon 19 November 21 (Tuesday) 23 hours Currently
Region Almost 90 km north of Amami Oshima
Class size //
Power class Very strong
Move Nishinokishi 20 km / h
Medium pressure 950 hPa
Maximum wind speed 45 m / s (near the center)
Maximum instantaneous wind speed 60 m / s

Typhoon 19 is closest to the southern part of Kyushu and the Amami area with a very strong force.

In the archipelagos of Tokara and Amami close to the path, windstorms were blowing, and a maximum instantaneous wind speed of 50.1 m / s was observed in Nakanoshima in the village of Tokara Islands Village at 7:38 pm.

It is expected that the windy conditions on the 22nd (Wednesday) and in the southern part of Kyushu and the East China Sea will continue, because it is approaching with a very strong force.

After passing the Amami region, we head north to the East China Sea and we plan to approach the Korean peninsula and land from Thursday, March 23 through Friday, the 24th.

Typhoon No. 20 Strong force to approach and land Shikoku and Kinki

▼ Typhoon 20 November 21 (Tue) 21 hours Currently
Presence area Kinkai Ogasawara
Class size //
Strength class Strong
Move Nishinokishi west 30 km / h
Middle pressure 970 hPa
Maximum wind speed 35 m / s (near the center)
Maximum instantaneous wind speed 50 m / s

Typhoon 20 goes north-west as it is and the possibility of approaching and landing Shikoku and the Kinki district increases, since it goes north from about 23 (Wednesday).

Although there is still a range in the timing of the course and approach, you must take early action and pay attention to future information.

In Kyushu, Shikoku and the southern part of the peninsula Kii rain clouds develop because of the influence of the wet southeast wind blowing around typhoon 19, there is a place where heavy rain falls.

Also in the Kinki region and the Shikoku region, which is close to the path of Typhoon No. 20, it is expected that rain and wind will increase from 23 (do) to 24 (free). Because of the influence of the humid southern wind, there is a place where the rain even rises in the mountains of East Japan, so even if you are away from the job, you can not be careless.

Typhoon name

Typhoon 19's name "Soulik" is the name suggested by Micronesia and comes from the title of a traditional tribal chief.

The name of typhoon No. 20 "Cimaron" is the name proposed by the Philippines and refers to wild cattle.

As far as the name of the typhoon is concerned, 140 names have been proposed in advance by the member organizations of the International Organization "Typhoon Committee" in order of occurrence.

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