What is the contact point? Mori claimed Mori as a rent-a-car contact "Friend" Kakogawa Dam Woman Abandoned | MBS Kansai News

What is the contact point? Mori suspects that & # 39; friends & # 39; when the rent-a car is abandoned by the Kakogawa Dam women

Update: 2018/08/22 12: 01

Two female bodies were found in a dam in Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture, and two men were arrested, two people knew they had rented a car last month. The police continue with the investigation into the contacts, etc. They introduced the two.

Somon Mori (20) and Kazuhiko Inaoka (42), arrested on suspicion of leaving the corpse, are suspected of conspiring to leave the body of Yuka Konishi (20) in the connected mother of Kakogawa City I will do it. So far, relationships between men have not been announced, but when Inaoka borrowed a car in a rental car late last month, he told the seller the name Mori as an emergency contact person I cover it.

"I write a contact person for emergencies, but that person (Inaoka suspects) is" Mori Shoshuma. "In the relationship there is written as a friend" (car rental company)

In addition to contact between two men, the police investigate the circumstances of acquiring knowledge with the victim.

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