Benchmarking the business support policy in Gwacheon Market, Gyeonggi Creation Economic Innovation Center

Knowledge-based information community
Provide a concrete support plan

Mayor Kim Jong-cheon visited Gyeonggi Creation Economic Innovation Center (hereafter "Center") in Pankyo Techno Valley to compare the best practices for realizing a business-friendly city.

According to the city of Gwacheon on November 30, this visit was recently completed with a knowledge-based industrial park in Gwacheon Knowledge Information Town with a contract rate of up to 78% and a concrete support policy for tenant companies.

Related officials such as Kim Kyu-beom, City Business Manager, Information Town Sales Team Leader and Corporate Support T / F Team Leader, who accompanied Mayor Kim, received explanations of the development project from Pangyo Techno Valley and supported the status of the facilities and policies for business support. 2 Pangyo PR center.

We also visit one of the companies in the centers and meet with the relevant people and have various information benchmarked for a practical start-up basis.

Kim said, "This visit has enabled us to identify good policies that can be applied to our city," Kim said. "We are able to offer practical support to start-ups and excellent SME start-ups, as well as leading companies in knowledge-informed cities, and I will do my best to make it."

The city establishes the Kwakeron Knowledge Information Town in the area of ​​Galhyeon-dong and plans to attract the 4th sector-related companies to cultivate it as the core growth engine of the city.

The city has signed contracts with 21 consortia on 7 September and the total investment of these companies is estimated to have won more than 3 trillion. / Gwacheon = Kim Jin Soo reporter kjs @

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