Ishigaki and Ron have & # 39; The moment after the proposal & # 39; released (video)

The music video director, Lee Joo gang, who is about to get married, and member Ron of the Big Flo group have appeared on TV for the first time and he has told the story behind his love affair.

One day Lee Gang and Ron appeared on MBC Everlion & Video Star & # 39 ;. Two 11-year-olds have already reported their marriage on November 26 last year and are getting married on January 27th.

The two said they would love to share video on the show. Because director Lee River is a music video director, he prefers to portray each other's daily lives.

On the same day, a happy time with Ron who worked on Ishigaki and released a video of "moments after the proposal" made by Ron. You can view the image below from 2 minutes and 8 seconds.

On the other hand, Isagang published a wedding photo of Ron via his Instagram after the broadcast. After the ceremony Ron plans to participate in the army this year or next year.

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