Six domestic airlines will introduce ‘non-landing international’ travel products next month

[뉴스토마토 김지영 기자] The introduction of the ‘non-landing international tourism flight’ by the government is expected to contribute to the profits of the aviation industry. Airlines are considering a setup that can distinguish them from other airlines with plans to quickly plan and present related products.

According to the airline industry, Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Jeju Air, Jin Air, T’way Air and Air Busan on the 22nd are the airlines preparing for a non-landing international tourist flight, and these six airlines are planning products with a target next month to launch. Most airlines have not yet made a decision on the specific start time, aircraft type and number of flights. However, Asiana Airlines is preparing to fly around the Kyushu region of Japan, and Air Busan plans to operate it twice a month.

A non-landing international tourist flight is a product that has no destination to return to the airport after boarding the plane after completing the immigration procedure at the airport. There was a product for domestic tourism, but this is the first time for international flights and the government decided to allow it for a year.

A Korean Air employee said, “We will set a specific schedule after determining how much demand there will be.” A Jeju Air official said, “It is part of several self-help efforts” and “It will be difficult to earn as much as the normal conduct of international flights, but there will be some results.”

In the industry, major airlines (FSC) are expected to introduce products with premium strategies with oversized aircraft, and low-cost airlines (LCCs) are expected to introduce niche products that amplify in-flight events.

Airlines also expect the product to be well received. Previously, Asiana Airlines, Jeju Air and Air Busan introduced domestic tourism flight products as they booked a sold-out march. Asiana Airlines’ products sold out on the same day, and all tickets for the Korean Peninsula tourist flight that Jeju Air sold through e-commerce 11st were also sold in two minutes.

Airlines are planning related products as the government allows “non-landing international tourist flights” for one year. The photo shows Asiana Airlines domestic flight. Photo / Asiana Airlines

According to the government, airlines are expected to generate sales of up to 98.2 million won from 20 million won per flight via international tourist flights. The total revenue expected to March next year is 4.8 billion won.

The seats are expected to fill only 70% of the total, and the A380, a super-sized aircraft owned by major domestic airlines (FSC), can accommodate up to 288 people. The B737 aircraft, which many low-cost airlines (LCCs) have, is expected to be able to carry up to 146 people. The effect of stabilizing employment through product operation is also expected. For large aircraft, as many as 47 people can be deployed per aircraft type and approximately 23 people for small and medium-sized aircraft.

As such, there have been many instances where non-landing international tourist flights are “ a rain in drought ” caused by Corona 19, but airlines agree that more policies should be put in place to boost the tourism industry.

The main focus of industry policy is to reduce self-isolation, and there is a plan to increase freedom of movement by introducing a ‘pandemic free passport’ or a ‘digital immunity passport’ between countries of economic cooperation. In addition, the introduction of a ‘travel bell’ is also mentioned that exempts safe self-isolation between countries from Corona 19.

Meanwhile, according to the Korea Aviation Association, the number of international passengers decreased by 97% compared to the previous year due to Corona 19, and airline sales are expected to decline 68% this year from the previous year . It is expected that it will take at least two to five years for air demand to recover.

Reporter Kim Ji-young [email protected]

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