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Trot National Sports Festival[KBS 제공]. Union

The boom in trotting entertainment brought on by TV Chosun’Mr. Trot ‘, will continue with terrestrial broadcasts and 2020 is expected to be the year of the trot.

According to the research firm Nielsen Korea on the 6th, the first broadcast rating of KBS 2TV ‘Trot National Sports Festival’, which aired at 9:30 pm the previous day, was 12.3% -16.5% and quickly rose to number 1 in entertainment on Saturday.

‘Trot National Sports Festival’ is a concert with different charms like Samulnori, Neon Mime, Cheerleading, Acapella, etc., along with MC Yoon Do-Hyun’s lively greetings. The gun opened to the stage.

Coaches such as Shin Yu, Hong Gyeong-min, Song Ga-in, Park Gu-yoon and Ha Seong-woon, cheering team leader Lim Ha-ryong, and the ‘8-do’ players from Gyeonggi, Chungcheong, Jeolla, Gyeongsang, Gangwon, Jeju, Global and Seoul all participated in the group song “ I Love Trot ” Decorated the stage and brought the excitement to the full.

Next, a selection of players from mystery regions appeared, judged only on their skills, regardless of region, and several talented players who caught the eye.

While it is a trot audition genre that can be boring outside of the known, ‘Trot National Sports Exhibition’ was differentiated by adding the concept of a regional competition. Moreover, it was noticeable that it was organized in such a way that all generations could enjoy it with a view to the broadcast on KBS.

MBC TV broadcast simultaneously, ‘It’s Glad if I Don’t Fight’ registered a viewing rating of 2.3% -2.8%, and SBS TV ‘The Law of the Jungle-Chieftain and Helmoney’ registered a viewing rating of 4, 0% -6.3%.

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