Yang Hyun-seok fined 15 million won for ‘hundred million value won / JTBC Case Manager – JTBC News

  1. Yang Hyun-seok, 15 million won fine / head of JTBC caseJTBC News
  2. Yang Hyun-seok and late gambling pushed for ‘simple gambling’, but court issued severe penaltiesChosun Ilbo
  3. Hyeon-seok Yang, former CEO of YG Park Han who spent 20 times in the hundreds of millions won, sentenced to a fine of 15 million won (on-site video) / SBSSBS News
  4. Daily sportsDaily sports
  5. [현장영상] Won Jeong-bak Yang Hyun-seok is sentenced to a fine of 15 million wonKBS News
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