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Park, Geun-hye, does not seem to be eligible even in the judgment
1 Shim to 25 years in prison … Persecution, 30 years in prison
Mir · K Sports Foundation third bribe will be guilty
Associate_Pic "style =" float :; margin: 0 car; display: block; "check_caption =" Y "mode_we =" edit "arti_id =" NISI20171016_0013472513 "/> [Seoul-NewJa] The last president, Park Geun-hye, attended the 80th hearing that was held for the first time was held since he was arrested by the central court in Seoul on 16 October last year and 16 October 2017. Former President Park Geun-hye (66), who was sentenced to 24 years in prison for the first time in the case of Kang Jin -a, a journalist in Kangjin, received the verdict of the Supreme Court on October 24. Park Chun-sil (62), the 40-year-old former president of Park, who was classified as a "non-exciting reality", will be on the same

Detective Dept. 4 of the Supreme Court in Seoul (Judge Kim Mun-suk) will appeal to Park, which was indicted on October 24 at 10 am for alleged violations of the law on bribery, punishment, etc.

At 11 am Choi will also visit the former Chong Wa Dae the coordinator (59).

Park probably does not appear in court, not even in appeal. He declared a "boycott" in October last year when the trial was extended and he did not appear in court. He was absent from the courthouse at the time of the conviction on 6 April and then gave up his appeal.

The question is whether the allegations of innocence in the trial are further guilty. He received a fine of 18 billion won in 24 years in prison for condemned most of Park's accusations.

Samsung, however, is not guilty of bribery by third parties under the Special Crime Punishment Law in connection with the award of the Mir · K Sports Foundation and the subsidy for the winter gifted and talented center in Korea. The judge ruled that the & # 39; unlawful request & # 39; was not recognized for instituting a bribe by a third party. Moreover, some accusations that Samsung had received bribes, including support for riding by Choi's daughter, Jung Yoo Ra, were partially innocent.

The Prosecution claimed that it was wrong to judge the innocent first, and that they should all be guilty. Prosecutors said last month in a court hearing that "Park has misused the authority that the people have given themselves and Choi & # 39; s pursuit of private interests." He was punished with a penalty of 118.5 billion won in 30 years in prison.

[Seoul-NewJa] Park Ju-sung reporter Choi Seon-sil of The National Farmers & # 39; Cooperative & # 39; filed a lawsuit against the Seoul Central District Court of Seoul Seocho-gu on June 15th I come in. June 15, 2015. [email protected]

Park was handed over to the court last April because he reportedly forced Choi with his 77.4 billion won Mir · K Sports Foundation contribution

He was also accused of the search for bribes from Samsung to support Jeong's rider support, gifted and talented young people, and demanded extra donations from Lotte SK to the K Sports Foundation.

In addition, there are accusations that he has drawn up a so-called "cultural black list", which has excluded cultural-cultural personnel and organizations from government subsidies, and forced him to resign with first-class officials from the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism and non-government officials. 19659005] Choi was sentenced to 18 billion won in fines and 7.294 million won in sanctions and 20 years in prison. He was sentenced to 6 years in prison, 100 million won in fine, and won 42.9 million in punishment.

In June, the prosecutors and prosecutors decided that Choi, along with former President Park, had received a large amount of bribes from Samsung and other large companies. He was punished with a fine of 118.5 billion won and a fine of 7.7 billion won in 25 years. He also asked him to reject his profession and keep him in jail for six years, as in the first sentence.

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