11 out of 20 experts "raise national pension 10 ~ 12%"

In-depth questionnaire … "13-15% suitable" 5 people
The replacement ratio remains at 40%.

After discussions on the reform of the national pension, the last pillar of life after retirement, many pension experts increase the premium rate by one to three percentage points higher than the current (9% of income) in a short period, and the income replacement percentage. 40%. The Dong-A Ilbo interviewed 20 pension specialists from 16 to 19 to trace the direction of the reform of the national pension scheme. More than half of the 11 respondents said that an increase of 10 to 12 percent would be desirable. Five people said: "Increasing 13 to 15 percent is appropriate." Nine respondents said that the replacement rate should remain at 40%. Currently, the replacement rate of the national pension is 45%, but it is expected that it will retain 40% of 2028 by 0.5% every year. There were many opinions (10 people) that the age at the beginning of the pension should be set at 65 as it is.

In short, it will be a compromise between the National Pension Scheme Development Committee and the more & # 39; and & # 39; less & # 39; & & # 39; fewer & # 39; financial arrangements proposed by the 17th. The increase in insurance premiums is comparable to that of ① (11% next year, 12.3% increase compared to 2034), while the replacement ratio is equal to ② (45%). However, the plan is to adjust the retirement age from 2043 to 67, and many experts have opposed it.

Kim Yong-ha, professor of IT finance management at Soonchunhyang University, said: "If you adjust your age to receiving pensions, you have to reveal your specific roadmap." "It is necessary to introduce a minimum pension, so that the majority of pensioners can spend a basic pension life," said Professor Chung Chang-yul, professor of social welfare at Dankook University.

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