& # 39; Cold wind blows … & # 39; The 7th election of the People's Republic of China & # 39;

I can not even come into contact with civil organizations and unions, such as the Urban Railway and Hyundai Motor Convention
"The concerns will be swallowed all four years at the beginning of the seventh term in the private sector".

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Kim Jae-seon, reporter: "I will draw a conclusion before the cold wind blows."

Yong-sup Lee, the mayor of Gwangju, concluded in the near future with regard to the construction of Urban Railway No. 2,

In addition, it announced that in August it would close a factory investment agreement with Hyundai Motor for a Gwangju-type job.

Although the time of the cold breeze has emerged, it can not be the indication of the resolution of the capture, but rather it is only a conflict with civil organizations and unions.

In the early stages of the term,

According to Gwangju City on the 19th day of the 19th century,

The Commission for the Rights of the Citizen, which is looking for a method of public opinion, exists however from a number of social groups in Gwangju, etc.

The Citizens & Rights Committee and the Citizens & # 39; Meeting, which held three rounds of discussion over the past three years, are divided into two groups, namely: Composition of the Commission for Good Public Relations & # 39; and & # 39; Citizens & # 39;

The People's Assembly held a press conference in the Gwangju City Hall on the 16th, "At a meeting held by the Chairman of the Committee on Citizens' Rights, Gwangju City, the citizens" This market has promised to provide the second line of to make the city railway public.

Meanwhile, the Commission on the Rights and Interests of the Citizen has repeatedly insisted that the mayor compose the "committee of public opinion" before the cold wind blows, and at the end of September at the beginning of October "[19659005] In addition, after the press conference, the civilian meeting demanded a meeting with the mayor in the process of struggle and struggle,

The Committee on Citizens 'Rights and Social Welfare sent a letter to the citizens' meeting to end the conversation and a list of 10 candidates to propose, with the exception of the chairman of the Committee on Public Relations.

Among them, two people from both sides of the city of Gwangju and social groups were asked to choose two other candidates.

However, the meeting of the citizens rejected the fact that it opposed the formation of a bidirectional committee for public opinion

. flict with NGOs deeper,

In addition, the signing of an agreement with Hyundai Motor to set up a joint venture of a completed car plant, of which the market ended at the end of this month,

The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KTU) recently sent a letter to Gwangju City requesting that all negotiations with Hyundai be opened in writing to the public and involve the labor movement in the negotiation process.

It has been reported that the Korean government has not made public comments on labor participation in the negotiation process.

The union, contrary to the fact that the mayor expressed his view to actively accept the demands of the union in the caucus,

Gwangju City is concerned about whether this is an investment agreement with Hyundai Motor this month will close, excluding the trade union, and draw an investment treaty based on social confusion, even if it succeeds this month.

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