& # 39; Difficulties to prevent leaks & # 39; Gangnam collected twins, such as wrong answers

Kang Se-hoon, reporter from Gangnam secondary school in Seoul, the head of the current affairs department of the twin sisters, It was investigated that there were several cases.

On the afternoon of the 24th, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education Seoul Gangnam A brought High School Report Report & # 39; out, which contains this information. This is the result of a special scholarship (research) by the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education when suspicions about the leak of test strips were generated in the sense that the scores of the twin sisters of the director of the current affairs department suddenly became the first place of the whole school and "

The twin sisters later discovered that there were several occasions when the correct answers were written along with the correct answers before they were corrected.

One of the sisters (majors) was 59th in the first semester, but was second in the second semester and the first in the second semester. The other (literature student) was 121st in the first semester, fifth in the second semester and 1 in the second semester.

The sisters also received high marks when evaluating their performance. However, most students in the performance evaluation were judged as perfect scores.

New findings have also been confirmed. There are two more students and their twin sisters who go to school together.

The Ministry of Education has announced that it will introduce the "epithelium", which prevents teachers and their children from going to school after the controversy.

Meanwhile, on 24 July, the complaint from the parents of the high school was raised at the Gangnam Seocho Education Support Agency, which brought the problem to the surface. And that the children of the current education department were first assessed in the municipal and interdisciplinary schools.

Previously there was a suspicion that Mr. B had leaked test reports with his position as a teacher, mainly in the school community and the internet community of parents.

The controversial day that Mr. B the school community said: "The children's night-time efforts are devalued because they attend the same school as my father, and I feel uncomfortable because I even become suspicious." "The child sleeps less than four hours a day." I have posted an article. Currently the article from Mr. B removed.[19,659,010;

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