& # 39; Solicic & # 39; has affected the national storm, rain … 24th Dawn Metropolitan Area Passage View

Tomorrow (23rd) at 23:00 Chungnam Seosan Landing Forecast
Seoul, etc. Metropolitan area, Chungnam,


19th Typhoon Solic continues to dominate the Korean peninsula while retaining strong middle class power. It is expected that it will land by Jeju at night on the west coast of Chungnam on Thursday morning (23rd). The time to travel through the metropolitan area of ​​Seoul is probably around 4 o'clock on Friday. South Coast and Jeju are the first to be influenced by Solic since today. There is a strong wind and it is expected that there will be 400 mm heavy rainfall until Friday. While in the influence of the typhoon, the metropolitan area is expected to have a rainfall of 150 mm.

The first news is reported by reporter Jae Seung.


Solic currently maintains a powerful medium-sized power with a wind speed of 43 meters per second from the center.

While it is on the sea, it does not encounter any obstacles and keeps an eye on the typhoon, it lies in the north of the sea about 430 km southeast of Seogwipo.

The time needed to approach the typhoon is slightly slower than originally expected.

Tomorrow, between 5.00 and 18.00, it is expected that it will pass the western sea of ​​the island of Jeju and reach the west coast of Jeonnam during the day.

Tomorrow night, after landing on the west coast of Chungnam, it is expected that it will pass through the metropolitan area at dawn on Friday morning.

The expected path of the typhoon is slightly modified by the vastness of the North Pacific.

It was originally expected that the country would land in Mokpo, South Jeolla Province, but the latest forecast had been changed to the landing on the west coast of Chungnam Province.

The Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) predicts that tomorrow it will land near Seosan, Chungnam between 22:00 and 11:00, and will travel around the eastern part of Seoul around 4 o'clock on Friday morning.

The impact of the typhoon starts today.

Starting with Jeju Island in the morning, it rains at night on the south coast.

More than 400 mm of rain will be poured in the southern coast of Jeonnam and Jeju, up to 250 mm from Jeonnam and Gyeongnam.

The rainfall in the metropolitan area Gangwon, Chungnam and Jeonbuk will be more than 150 mm.

Even until he lands on the Korean peninsula tomorrow, he seems to have a strong wind of 32 meters per second in the middle.

Then Seoul, the metropolitan area, Chungcheong and Honam run the risk of typhoons.

In addition, the influence of the 20th typhoon Shimaron after the Solic is also a variable.

The effect of the Fujiwara effect on two adjacent typhoons makes it more difficult to predict the path of Typhoon Solic.

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