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Crops such as ginseng, rice, soybeans … Reservoir Reservoir rate 43.4%

The province of Chungnam has started supplying additional agricultural water because the damage to crops has been extended due to the unprecedented heat and drought.

On the 20th the government announced that it will supply emergency water to farmland such as Chungsu-am, the field of 9,633 and the agricultural land with the amount of 2 billion won.

This is 60.4% of the average water usage ratio (71.8%), which indicates the Caution & # 39; phase.

In the case of a field, Seosan, Taean, Hongseong, etc. The state of 15 to 45 percent of the effective water content of the soil (the extent to which the soil is atomized) of 11 cities and provinces lasted more than 10 days, and the stage of & # 39; drought & # 39; turned out to be serious from the 13th.

Boryeong The other four cities and provinces such as Nonsan, Geumsan and Cheongyang have a soil moisture percentage of 15 ~ 45%, which is currently in the drought-drought phase.

The drought stress stage is released when the effective soil moisture content is 15-45% under 10 days, and if it lasts more than 10 days, it is a & # 39; serious & # 39; stage.

Five companies in the Seosan Daesan petrochemical industrial complex (Daesan Complex) receive 100,000 tons of industrial water per day from Daehoho,

Support for the water supply for the water supply terminal where the water supply is not smooth, water supply 8,881 천 for the irrigation water and 1.82 ‰ for the irrigation field,

From this day on, a pumping station will be constructed to deliver 31,000 tons of water per day to the Daeho lake in Seomun Lake.

One official said: "This week" If the rain does not fall, the speed of the reservoir for agricultural reserves will rise to the border stage. "

Crop damage occurred in 11 cities and provinces in 36 provinces, including Seosan, Geumsan and Hongseong because of the heat wave and drought.

Ginseng was the worst at 174.2 가장, and the damage such as 56.8 rice, 48.4 생 ginger, 30.1 콩 beans, 13 sweet sweet potato , 11.1 들 perilla and 9.8 고 pepper members suffer damage such as sunburn or dying in the sun.

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