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Enforcement decree of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and National Health Insurance Act
Eliminate blind spots and block & # 39; moral hazard & # 39;
Refugees join the health insurance

According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NSO) on 11 March, the number of employed persons rose to 26,555,000 from 112,000 a year earlier. In January this was 334,000, in February this was 104,000. The number of unemployed is more than 1 million for the third consecutive month and the unemployment rate has risen to 4.5 percent for the third consecutive month. The picture shows a citizen who interviews at the Young People Job Center in Jung-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 11th. 2018/04/11 [email protected]

Reporter: Jae-hee Lim, who is in the blind spot for health checks, is expected to receive a check-up from the country next year,

Foreigners must stay in Korea for more than six months before they can become a member of the health insurance field. It is to 'moral risk & # 39; to prevent short-term part of health insurance in order to get expensive treatment in the country. Foreigners recognized as refugees are also eligible for health insurance.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare announced on 28 October that it will adopt a legislative amendment on the "Enforcement Decree of the National Health Insurance Act and the Enforcement Regulations" and the "Regulation on standards for national health insurance benefits for medical care".

First, the revision of the enforcement ordinance will provide national health checks for job seekers and others.

So far, those who work or earn in their years & # 39; 20 and & # 39; 30 have received regular health checks. On the other hand, it was pointed out that it is out of equality because it is excluded from the screening subject, such as dependents,

The Ministry of Health and Welfare has decided to include dependents and members of the household in their years & # 39; 20 and 30 as national health control objectives. It was hoped that this would form a basis for lifelong health management per life cycle.

According to the Department of Health and Welfare (MOHW), in the 20s and 30s that did not receive the benefits of health checks, the number of dependents (1,631,834) was a person.

And minors with an annual income of less than a million won are relieved of the burden of paying premiums. Foreign residents who live in the same household or resident status and who have paid the same premiums as domestic residents on the basis of their income and assets must pay an average premium or more. Only permanent residents and married immigrants are subject to premiums based on income and property.[19,659,010;

The enforcement requirements of the National Health Insurance Act have been amended to extend the minimum stay requirement for foreigners in the health insurance field from three months to six months. The amendment of the subordinate statute was reflected in the "Improvement plan for foreigners and the overseas Koreans & # 39; health insurance & # 39; announced in June.

In the meantime, foreigners could opt out of health insurance after receiving a large amount of medical treatment and paying a small premium for a relatively short period of stay. Shortly after I got to the health insurance before I received the treatment, I went back abroad after the treatment.

In this process we have given ground for the use of the delinquent information when granting an extension of the stay of foreigners. The National Health Insurance Company will be able to receive information from government agencies, such as the Ministry of Justice, in a way that instructs questions about the payment of arrears and payment confirmations.

In addition, foreign residents who can become local subscribers can be those who have received a humanitarian visa under the "Civil Code". It opens the way for refugees who need treatment to receive medical care on time.

The enforcement and enforcement decisions plan will be implemented immediately after the notice period until 8 October.

At the same time, the Ministry of Health and Welfare will announce the amendment of the "Regulations on the National Health Insurance Medical Care Benefits", including the introduction of the objection system in determining the treatment material and the improvement of the approval system when the prescription of the serious patient medicine is exceeded.

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