Also, ideas for promoting balanced development & # 39;

[분당신문] The audition for the establishment of Gyeonggi Province, designed to reflect the creative ideas of the people, will be offered for the second time from 27 to 18 September with the theme "Promoting balanced development".

The audition of the proposal to set up is carried out in such a way that the province Gyeonggi presents the subject and then immediately evaluates the ideas that the National People's Diary has received with the participation of the general public and experts.

The theme of this creative audition is "Plan for Promoting Balanced Regional Development in Gyeonggi Province & # 39; ▲ Development plan for underdeveloped areas as a result of overlapping regulations (protection zone for military facilities, conservation zone for water sources, nature preservation zone) ▲ How to revitalize the center in the region ▲ How to attract companies to promote regional development ▲ How can a balanced development is being promoted by means of the region ▲ How can the economy in the disadvantaged region be revitalized?

Anyone with creative ideas can take part in the contest and acceptance can be made on the website of the National Newspaper ( or e-mail ([email protected]). The submitted proposal will be finalized during the audition finals held in mid-October by pre-screening and online pre-evaluation, such as examining experts, working groups and a proposal evaluation committee.

The winner will receive a total of 20 million prize money won, of which 1 million won for the first prize, 7 million won for the second prize, 5 million won for the third prize, 3 million won for the fourth prize and 1 million won for the fifth prize. .

A total of 239 proposals were received from the first audition for proposals made in June last year in 2018, and a solution for securing medical AI data using sources in Gyeonggi Province, a beautiful Tag donation terminal and a Gyeonggi-do system for donations of recreational and cultural facilities Five were selected as final ideas. For more information, visit the Gyeonggi province website ( or contact the Gyeonggi Provincial Proposal System Team (031-8008-4285).

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