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President Moon Jae-in probably makes his next round of rearrangement as soon as possible. A high official of the presidential office said on July 22: "The resignation is likely next week," he said, "and the president is at the final determination stage."

The cabinet of ministers, including the presidential nominee, will probably not be reached this time. The official said: "Given the situation in the political circle, it is difficult to take the right to vote on this issue."

The size of the reconstruction is expected to be more than three. The target group can include law enforcement, environmental and leisure ministers with a high degree of subordination in the evaluation of the performance of the blue house and the prime minister's office. Defense Minister Song Hyung-moo, who is in controversy about the issue of martial law documents, and Kim Sang-won, the minister of education who has been involved in the process of reorganizing the military system.

Cheong Wa Dae thinks it is appropriate to arrange next week, in view of the appointment schedule of the new ministerial candidate, as soon as the regular session of the National Assembly starts in September. An important official of Cheong Wa Dae said: "Given the political schedule, we need to look at the ministries that are needed within this month." Recently, it appeared that the government's decision to reform the vote is also needed in a situation where the approval percentage of the president and the ruling party is falling.

It is very likely that the large-scale cooperation agreement will take place at the beginning of the year end when the demand for reconstruction is expected before the next general election. It is possible that President Moon has decided that the discussions about the negotiations have progressed somewhat since he agreed to start the negotiations between the ruling party, the ruling party and the ruling party in the meeting with the five deputies of the party.

Kang Tae-hwa reporter [email protected]

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