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Jobs, next month to attend the presidential debate on creating private jobs

A senior official of the presidential office said on the 21st that "the possibility of reviewing the income-dependent growth policy is" open. "However, when these remarks were interpreted as a change in government policy, he said:" It refers to the flexibility of Sudan. , not the change in income-driven growth. "

A senior official at the presidential office said at a news conference about the day: "The president does not always stick to dogma (dogmatism) but always looks open and flexible" about the criticism that "income-driven growth has exacerbated employment." "If the cause of job deterioration is income-driven growth," he says, "growth-based growth is toward the goal of sustainable growth." There is no reason to say that revenue-based growth occurs every day. he said.

In this connection, the political party has interpreted that Cheong Wa Dae opened the possibility of a change in income-driven growth. While the report was being passed, the official said: "It means we have a flexible means to achieve the goal of income-driven growth, we can not change the policy itself."

In the meantime, the government said it would consider ways to create jobs in other directions than income support. The presidential jobs committee is expected to hold a full meeting early next month attending the Moon and discuss ways to provide power for creating private jobs in public jobs. Lee Myok-hee, vice chairman of the job seekers' office, said: "The infrastructure and support will be strengthened so that companies can make many jobs." Public support measures for new energy generation sectors such as hydrogen cars and drones will be discussed.

In addition, the Democratic Party criticized the opposition's demand to abolish the policy on revenue-related growth as "irresponsible political turmoil & # 39; The Democratic Party also reiterated its responsibility to the press, saying that it "reports as if there are conflicts and contradictions" about the "stumbling-over" between Kim Dae-yeon, the deputy prime minister of the economy and the policy maker of Cheong Wa Dae. But within the Democratic Party there are few skeptics about "income-based growth."

On the other hand, Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon said: "We can not agree on the position and role of Kim Dae-jung, who was seen by the Deputy Prime Minister Kim and Chang, but we must follow the conclusion once the conclusion has been reached. It is warned by.

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