Chun Doo-hwan trial, "29 million won nightmare" "This trial only 23 years .. What costs?"

[코리아데일리=이은경기자] Former President Chun Doo-Hwan (photo) was reportedly scheduled to take part in a criminal trial in Gwangju on December 27th.

According to the court of Gwangju on 22 June, at 2.30 pm on 27 June, the Judge of the Judicial Council 201 will hold a criminal trial for Chun Doo Hwan under the interrogation of Judge Kim Ho-suk alone.

The police decided to deploy 70 militants on the first day of the trial at the district court of Gwangju.

The court ruled that the number of illegal persons, including 5.18 groups and ordinary citizens, would exceed the size of the public and the court changed to No. 201 to prevent security incidents. The Supreme Court, 201, has 95 seats. There is no separate auditorium.

When Jae-sung attends the court, it is only 23 years since he was arrested on charges of murder, bribery, murder of civil war, civil war and civil war on 12 December 1995,

In a memoir on April 3 last year, Chun said: "Because there was no helicopter rifle at the time of the Gwangju incident, it is a distorted malicious claim that Jovio was witnessing helicopter shooting." Joe is accused of libbling the honor of the lion. and says that the priest is an unscrupulous lie about being a priest.

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