Close window and owner of charcoal eel … 11 guests CO poisoning

11 people were poisoned by carbon monoxide and the owner of the restaurant was subjected to the police.

The provincial police station of Cheongju was arrested on suspicion of negligence in the work.

A is accused of not being properly ventilated on the first of the last month at 1:00 pm when he is cooking with a charcoal grill at an eel restaurant in Cheongju Seowon Ward.

Eight people, including the 8-year-old B who ate in the eel restaurant, were admitted to hospital after complaining about dizziness.

The medical staff reported that restaurant guests such as Group B were found to be carbon monoxide poisoning.

Mr. A opened the air conditioner and closed the doors and windows.

A said in the police investigation that "the rain came and the windows were closed and the air conditioner was activated".

The police decided that A was responsible for not paying attention to the owner, for example by using a charcoal while the windows were closed and the eels were not properly ventilated.

Earlier on the 19th, three of the guests in A & # 39; s restaurant complained of headaches and dizziness and were transferred to the hospital.

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