Coal Cabinet Card Blue House harvested in a month Why?

Cheong Wa Dae spokesman said on Thursday that a cabinet cabinet with opposition figures is difficult at the moment. Consequently, chances are that the opposition party's candidates can not participate in the opening ceremony that will take place next week.

Kim, a spokesman for Cheong Wa Dae, said in a regular briefing on the question: "Is it still valid for the Cabinet of the Cabinet?" On October 23, Kim spokesman said: "If you are the right person in the right place, I will organize a cabinet for the cabinet." "It has been a long time since we have presented the government of the cabinet, and there have been no reactions from each party," Kim's spokesman said. "In addition, the unofficial content would have been delivered," he said.

He explained why he presented a cabinet a month ago with the words: "Because the legislator feels the need to work together, the intention is to give the opposition a chance to participate." Because the seat of the Democratic Party is far below the majority, it is also necessary that the opposition party cooperates in the approval of the account. "The possibility and the breadth of conservative parties are open and it is said that politics is" living being "." He has not ruled out that the people of the Free Korea Party and the right future party can enter.

The opposition party, however, reacted critically shortly after the presidential office of the blue house was released. In a radio interview, Kim Seong-tae, a South Korean delegate, said: "Now it's not the time to do that at all." Kim Kwan-young, head of the Future Party, said: "I do not intend to give one or two ministerial positions and to pack these in a coach." .

The opposition party was further opposed to the news that Park Seon-suk, chairman of Cabinet Cabinet, Kim Dong-chul, the chairman of the Grand National Party, criticized: "Cheong Wa Dae must stop seeing politics."

Even then, Cheong Wa Dae continued to reply: "The cabinet is still open." It seems, however, that the government party has decided that it will not be possible to postpone the opening of the cabinet for the reform of the cabinet. A senior official of the presidential office said: "Because the negotiations with the opposition party are not going smoothly, it is difficult for the Cabinet to cooperate." As soon as the regular parliamentary session is scheduled for September, the necessary ministries must be grouped again within this month. "

In some cases, the recruitment of a rival failed, but observations suggest that the idea of ​​the Cabinet can rise again on the water surface at any time. It is because President Moon Jae-in shows a strong will about the idea of ​​accepting the right to the opposition.

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