Competition has been lowered but still & # 39; needlehole & # 39; … 7th grade public official test site

  Competition rate dropped, but still & # 39; needlehole & # 39; ...

On the 18th, there was a lot of enthusiasm for the candidates who visited the test center in Seoul, while the 7th class public official written survey of the government officials was held over the whole country in 2018.

To review the situation As usual to maintain, applicants who wore slippers in comfortable tracksuits were also seen, but the irritating sign was difficult to conceal.

There was a student who arrived at the playground early in the test center, relaxedly listened to music or ate instant food in the hallway outside the classroom.

] Moreover, the officers of the research institute public officials are in the vicinity of the testing ground,

This test, which selected a total of 770 students, yielded 36,662 students a 47.6-to-1 ratio.

The competition for bonds of the 7th class will continue to fall to 81.9 to 1 in 2015, 76.7 to 1 in 2016, 66.2 to 1 in 2017 and 47.6 to 1 this year, compared to 361 in the previous year.

Contrary to last year, some analysts have pointed out that the competitive ratio has been lowered since the reception of the 7th grade bond application has been announced after the announcement of the successful candidates for the 9th grade national and local government bonds and the 9th grade pass applicant does not apply for the 7th grade exam.

Manoan (32), a man in Shinseo High School at Yangcheng-gu, Seoul, said: "Although I have passed the 9th grade job this year, Class Audit"

Lee said: "The government has the number of civil servants increased and the competitive ratio for public officials was reduced, but it is difficult to feel this situation during the preparation for the exam. "

At the announcement in Hanyang in Seoul, Jung-gu, where candidates for administrative functions were tested, there was a feeling of tension.

Administrative functions for recruiting 4 people

Kim Mo (32) said he was ready to take the exam for the public officer while attending his job. "I am prepared to take the official exam because of the stability of the work." "In the government, even if I increase the number of public officials, it will be a good thing if I do not succeed." [1]

On the same day at 9:05 am one of the candidates in Guro, Guro-gu, Seoul, found that the applicant had made a mistake by returning to the hospital, and with the help of the police,

Lee Mo (61), who brought her daughter to the test center on the day, said: "My daughter is a young girl," I worked for NGO (NGO) a year ago and I have prepared for public inquiries "he said." I hope there will be good results, although the preparation period is short. "

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