Conscience of conscience, prison · fire department · 119 first investigation on the spot

Ministry of National Defense, Public Sector, Faculty of Social Services …

  Punishment of conscientious objection to military service Actual unconstitutionality, preparation of alternative service account

& # 39; Conscience of conscience against military service & # 39; (Seoul = Yonhap News) Hwang Gwang-moo, a reporter at a press conference for the Constitutional Court in Seoul on the afternoon of the 28th, said that the decision of the participants about the conscientious objection to military service and alternative service I call a slogan that prompts me to prepare myself. The Constitutional Court ruled that constitutional incompatibility was violated if the conscientious objection to military service was punished and the law on military service without a replacement service.

(Seoul-Yonhap News) Kim Kwang-keun, a reporter for the conscientious objectors of conscientious objectors, is known to review prisons, fire stations, 119 areas, etc.

And it seems they need the most alternative service personnel.

The Ministry of National Defense plans to implement an alternative service plan in the coming months with a view to these institutions.

A senior official said on May 19: "The Ministry of National Defense"

The Ministry of National Defense (MND) has announced that it has completed field work for the field, social services, etc. "It is also known that alternative health care providers consider whether or not to have a room to work twice as long as the active service period.

A government official said: "As a result of the due diligence work, public hospitals and nursing homes for the elderly are not usually equipped with facilities to receive surrogate servants, "and" nurses, nursing assistants,

Compared to the prison, fire brigade and 119 field facilities, the replacement service personnel was most in need and the situation of the room was relatively good. 19659006] Another high official of the government said: "In prison we needed a lot of administrative assistant staff and we also have an entertainment center."

The official said: "Currently there are about 1,000 exchange staff members in 119 fields per year.

Conversion Service refers to a system where duty-free police officers, mandatory seafarers, firefighters etc. are carried by uniformed personnel. , who perform alternative services, place replacement maintenance personnel in the field of firefighting and security.


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