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"Do Changyeong crop damage as a security opening … Responsibility of the state" Financial application

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More than 40 farmers in Hapcheon, Gyeongnam Province, filed a petition demanding compensation of € 1 billion against the government.

Forty-six people, including those who in the winter at the Hacchun camps grow tomatoes and lettuce with groundwater, opened the security of the Nakdong River in the Nakdong River from 7 to 14 December last year, He said he suffered from damage to crops.

It is said that the water level has been reduced and the groundwater level has been reduced, which has led to a shortage of heating water, which is the core of the cultivation of water plants. They insisted that the Minister for the Environment and Korea Water Resources Corporation assume responsibility for the compensation decision.

The Central Environmental Disputes Committee, under the Ministry of the Environment, said on 11 November that it would accept the same financial application and treat it as soon as possible.

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