Duksung Women & # 39; s University, Chosun University, etc.

Forty-four universities and 46 junior colleges are required to reduce their student enrollment by 10,000 each year until the current high school year of 2021 is enrolled.

At universities, 35% is broader and is less reduced by 7%. Of the 20 universities the financial support from the government is complete (11 places) or partially (9 places) and the financial support is closed for three years from next year. In fact, it is a candidate for exit.

First-year students and transfer students from these 20 universities are not eligible for national scholarships or student loans. Currently, secondary schools should not be disadvantaged by the end of this month, whether they want to submit an application to the home page of the Ministry of Education or the Korean Scholarship Foundation.

Universities that receive government funding but lose students

Universities that receive government funding but lose students

The Department of Education and Human Resources Development has the results of its "The basic competency assessment is an evaluation to ensure the reduction of the capitals of the university in preparation for the decline of the school population, since 2012 every three years. 323 national schools were the target of the diagnosis of 293 (4-year, 160 and 133 vocational training), while the other 30 universities (27 four-year universities, three colleges) requested exclusion from the diagnosis and said they would not receive public funding.

Universities that do not receive government funding

Universities that do not receive government funding

The Ministry of Education said that 64% of the universities to be diagnosed (120 for four-year colleges and 87 for colleges) were designated as universities for autonomous improvement, 36 for 86 he opted for the place). Universities that are building universities with double capacity will continue to receive public funding, but will have to reduce their capacity by 2021. The reduction in the number of employees is 10% for 4-year programs and 7% for students. Limitations on financial support Universities are subdivided into universities (11 places) and universities (9 places) where the financial support is completely cut off.

For example, the total number of universities in the prefecture should be reduced by 35% (30% for junior colleges) and 15% for colleges (10% for junior colleges). Limitations on financial support Students who enter or transfer to a university can not receive a national scholarship or student loan. However, there is no limit to the stock market and the loan.

In the case of a restricted financial support college & # 39; the number of students will probably decrease as a result of the reduction of the Ministry of Education. Candidates are reluctant to support these universities in order to prevent them from losing their scholarship or student loans. Failure to leave the university for financial assistance at the next assessment (2021) as a result of a strong restructuring of the university can actually close the doors of the university.

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