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There were a few cases where the twin daughters of the head of the education department took first place in the lunar and science department in the A-school in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and the controversy took place on the internet. It has been confirmed that.

According to a report from the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education on April 24, a sister who is currently the second-class sister of teacher B, who is the head of the school's department of the school, wrote the correct answer for the correction. several cases. "I wrote the wrong answer as" is one of the main reasons for the suspicion that Mr. B. has leaked the problem to this sister.

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The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education released this information on 13 July through a special scholarship. The city office of education focused on suspicions and problems that were raised via the Internet and the media. The municipal education council also confirmed that the sisters received high marks when evaluating performance. However, the municipal education council said: "The majority of the performance evaluation was a perfect score."

Mr. B was responsible for supervising the school management of the school. In addition to the twin sisters of Mrs. B, there were two students whose parents were teachers. The school board decided to set up a & # 39; epithelial system & # 39; to introduce in principle that it is forbidden to prevent children who are students from going to the school where the parents of the teacher work.

It was also true that Mr B's child had a rapid increase in his figures. The first figures of the twin sisters were not great, but they were at the top of the second grade. Moon, daughter of the first degree, 121 in the first semester, first grade in the second semester, and the fifth grade in first grade, and her daughter in first grade, 59 in the first semester and two in the second semester .

The municipal office of education has asked the child to exclude the corresponding teachers from examinations and exams of the school year. The municipal office of education will announce the results of a special audit that was carried out on 16 and 22 September. The municipal office of education will ask for an audit of the school and ask for research based on the results of the audit.

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