Han Seung-hee, 38-year-old woman and business card dating? Looking at suspicious activities …

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[일간투데이 이영두 기자] Ham Seung – the encounter with a woman in a private meeting of a company card was used excessively.

According to the Kyunghyang newspaper on July 27, credit card payment reports show the suspicious behavior of the 67-year-old president Ham Sung-hee of Kangwon Land and the 38-year-old Forum long & # 39; Director Son confirms confirmed.

Kangwon Land staff one, unlike the former CEO Ham Seung-hee, claimed he was taking a trip to Son's office with the long-term business card of his son, except one of his 17 overseas trips, I have made a payment. The report said that the male gender of the chief of staff was on the list of potential guests.

In addition, former President Ham Seung-hee reported that he used 314 times, half of the number of company cards he used for three years in the vicinity of his home.

The forum is a community with a large number of women in the presidency of former president Park Geun-hye.

Hwan Seung-hee, who has focused on corruption since the beginning of his tenure as manager of Kangwon Land, was known to have won 35 million in business accounting for luxury meals in luxury hotels three years after he took office last year.

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