Huh, I-bum special investigation "fortification research without retribution order"

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 Huhik Bum Special Prosecutor for the investigation into the drunken remarks related to the remark, makes the first official briefing at the office of the special office of the Gangnam District in Seoul on the afternoon of the 27th.
Special inspector Duck King to investigate the truth about the remark, makes the first official briefing at the office of the special research office in Gangnam-gu, Seoul in the afternoon of 27 June.

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(Seoul-Yonhap News) Lee Ji-heon Bang Hyun-deok-reporter Huh Ik-bum special inspection team took the part to prosecute Kim Kyung-soo-governor of Gyeongnam Province

And that he was willing to do his best to identify the alleged crimes.

A special prosecutor said on October 18: "We will carefully analyze the cause of the arrest warrant and carry out a reinforcement investigation."

"The fortification investigation is not a retribution order,

Ultimately, Governor Kim decided to prosecute the detainee, but he did his best to identify the allegations of manipulation of the remark, so that he could complete the accusations of the crime in the trial.

When Kim's arrest warrant was rejected, it was established by law that it would not be practical to extend the investigation period to 30 days after the first investigation period ended on November 25. If the period is not extended, it is practically not feasible to find additional evidence or suspect a new crime during the remaining seven days.

The spies will spend the recharging time without a special investigation schedule, Prepare an incident report to submit.

With the resignation of the arrest warrant of Kim Ji-Sung it is difficult to carry out the research plan that would cause suspicions pen about the involvement of Cheong Wa Dae official, such as the secretary of Chung Wa Dae and the secretary of Chung Wa Dae.

The Special Rapporteur filed a summons investigation against two secretaries, but it was merely a reference investigation and did not go to the suspect.

In addition to Kim Ji-Sung, investigations of another suspect Investigate the investigation for the Public Prosecution Service.

The Special Rapporteur demanded that Governor Kim on November 9, 2016 approved the demonstration of the commentary manipulation program, King Krab & # 39; in Ulm Publishing Co., managed by Druking, and approved its use.

Park Bum-suk, a former director of the war crimes department, rejected the arrest warrant at the end of the day and said: "There is room for controversy about whether or not to establish the controversial relationship and the amount of the ground crime." <저작권자(c) 연합뉴스, 무단 전재-재배포 금지>

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