I analyze the civil service … "Investigate elderly home abuse please"

[아시아경제 이지은 기자] In the nursing problems that family members encounter when entering care for the elderly, a large number of complaints have been asked to investigate abuse, such as abuse, neglect or detention of the elderly.

The National Commission on Human Rights analyzed the 644 civil complaints relating to the facilities for elderly care collected in the system for civil information analysis from 2015 to July of this year for & # 39; Parents & # 39; on February 2.

50.5% of managers of older nursing home facilities had the most complaints, followed by 36.3% of those who entered the hospital.

According to the type of complaint, 30.1% of respondents said that the nursing staff's workforce was 35.1%, the nurse service problem was 30.9%, the elderly nursing facility and facility operation was 28.0%. unique.

In the case of & # 39; Manpower management such as the type of nursing care providers & # 39; the number of criteria for staff placement was 66.5% (155 cases).

Of the types & # 39; medical care service problems & # 39; 60.5% (124 cases) were asked for suspicious abuse investigations, such as abuse, neglect and detention. (23.4%, 48 cases) and discomfort (3.9%, 8 cases) as a result of abrupt closure or interruption of operations.

Among the complaints filed by family members of the resident, there was a report that said "there was a bruise on the back and thighs of the elderly, a neglected toilet seat, or a big fall, but no medical action undertaken "It seems necessary to strengthen the management.

The most common type of complaint was 52.1% (97 cases) of inquiries about facilities and facilities standards, such as bedrooms and safety provisions.

"The elderly who come to the old nursing home suffer from senile brain diseases such as dementia and stroke, and it is difficult for them to express their opinion correctly." The surveillance system must be regularized through the revitalization of reporting of internal public interest. "

Lee Ji Eun reporter [email protected]

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