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The families of the Seowal families have accused the Korean military headquarters of the "suspicion of civilians in Seowol" and urged them to form a dedicated team to investigate the case intensively.

The 4/16 Family Council and the 4th and 16th Regions held a press conference for the front door of the Ministry of National Defense in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, and said they were accusing a KIMSU of accusing a civilian inspection of Seewall.

The family council said: "The command of the Korean Command of the Military Command has confirmed that the mission officer has set up the TF for the years since the disaster in 2014," We again give a big shock when the evidence is released. "

"Not only the surviving relatives are the subject of research, but also of the situation in which they played a role in the Seowall disaster and of a more thorough investigation into the background of illegal activities."

To confirm the specific facts, we have set up a special task force dedicated to the Seowol disaster and demanded that it be investigated quickly.

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