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Prior departure of the former court of the Supreme Court

The recall of Yang Seung-tae is inevitable
Worry about & # 39; go too far & # 39; in court
It is not easy to enter & # 39; trial intervention & # 39; to prove.

Probability of ending with a swing

The Prosecution is expected to investigate the allegations of abuse of the judicial authority in the case of the former Supreme Court court before the law. The prosecutor's office is considering the possibility to extend the investigation by referring to the case as "liquidation" of the court version ". However, the court has complained that the Prosecution has failed to collect much evidence and to increase the number of investigations.

◆ check "go to the end"

According to the two-day justice system, the central prosecutor of Seoul recently announced that he had banned the departure of former judge commissioner Young-young. In the legal system it is expected that the summons investigation by the people in connection with the court, including the former judge-commissioner, will start this month seriously. An official from the Public Prosecutor said: "It is an internal atmosphere to come to the end of this case."

In February 2016, former judge-judge Goh was appointed member of the administrative court of the Supreme Court. The possibility of a summons by other former judges after the investigation by the former minister of justice is also mentioned within and outside the public prosecution service. A lawyer from a prosecutor said: "It is possible to summon a former court of the Supreme Court that has worked on the investigation with the former Supreme Court." It is inevitable that a subpoena of former Supreme Court of the Supreme Court Yang Seung-tae,

The Prosecution is busy investigating the accusations regarding individual documents. The allegations of blacklists of the Ministry of Justice, which formed the basis of the investigation, are not only a summons investigation, but also broaden the scope of investigations by requesting warrants that are actively seized by other matters. In the trial there was a suspicion that the government had discussed the delays at the Supreme Court for fear of diplomatic friction with Japan at the time of Park Geun-hye.

In addition, in connection with the trade union decision of the trade unions of national teachers and trade unions, the court also took the suspicion that the administration & # 39; consultations & # 39; to the government. It was also the subject of investigation that the administrative office of the Court was aware of trends such as the Korean Bar Association and the group of lawyers for the democratic society against the introduction of the Court of Appeal.

◆ Lack of evidence from & # 39; trial intervention & # 39;

If prosecutors prove proof of a process intervention, there can be a case of colostrum that deters the confidence of the judiciary. However, it is the opinion of the judiciary that the objective facts presented so far are insufficient to specify directly as a pilot intervention. Discussing the process and intervening in the research results are very different. It is also a legal position that there is room for controversy about whether or not to understand the trends of other organizations for policy goals. The prospect that the prosecution ends with "Yongdumi" is the background.[19,659,010;

In court there is concern about the long-term investigation of the prosecutor. As President Moon Jae – in referring to the power of abolition and the inside of the prosecution within the Prosecution on April 1, the time when the word "A senior judge of the current incumbent," Kim Myongsoo, the supreme judge of the Supreme Court, surpassed what it originally intended, and the research flow changes as a result of the liquidation of the court. "

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