I want to take apart my girlfriend & # 39; … "Long-term insulation"

A man in his thirties, who murdered his beloved, who brutally murdered his lover, was in the first to a middle class convicted.

The 29th (Seoul District Judge of the Central District Court in Seoul) condemned Kang (32), who was arrested on May 5, 25 years in prison on charges of murder.

Moreover, he said: "It is recognized that there is a danger of committing another murder."

Kang is accused of having killed A with 145 strokes with a weapon because he was about to disperse while on June 1 this year he had a fight with A.

He also accused him of winning 680 million after he had stolen his credit card.

The court said: "The victim has irreversible consequences of the loss of his life," according to the court: "The cruel crime method seems extremely painful for the victim and the survivors must live sadly for the rest of their lives." .

"Even before I committed the crime, I have committed countless murder cases and heterosexual criminal cases since the adolescent years and have reached the extreme crime of murder," he said.

(Yonhap News)

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