Kim Soo Young, Kim Sang Hwan, Moon Hyung Bae

Kim Sang-hwan – Won Se-hoon arrested in court, Kim Joo-young – Minbyeon, Moonbyeong – Busan

[아시아경제 장용진 기자] Three candidates were nominated for the position of Kim Soo-young, who was supreme for the Supreme Court, who resigned on November 2, and Kim Sang-young, judge of the senior civil officer of the district court in Seoul, and Judge Moon Hyung- bae.

The Appointments Committee of the Supreme Court (chairman Lim Hyun-jin) decided to recommend lawyers Kim, Kim and Moon as candidates for the Supreme Court.

Earlier, the judges of the Supreme Court received more than 40 presidential candidates from all walks of life. The recommendation states that the qualifications and competences of the Supreme Court's case law, including property, military service, punishability, important judgments and activities, have been verified by 20 persons who agreed to the verification of the personnel.

"We tried to do justice to the Supreme Court with the awareness of an era called the establishment of the court," he said.

In particular: "the honor of the judiciary is questionable," he said. "We have recommended three candidates on the basis of the history, balance, reform, morality and insight required of the judges of the Supreme Court."

President Kim Myung-soo nominates one of the three candidates as the successor to Kim Soo-young and appoints him president. Mr. Moon appoints the nominee as new Chief Judge after hearing the memorandum from the National Assembly.

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