"Kwacheon stolen killer, corruption damaging body damaged by corruption" – Kookmin Ilbo

The 34-year-old man who reportedly was killed after killing 50 guests,photo) Said in a statement to the police that he had "damaged the body by hiding the crime".

Gyeonggi Province Gwacheon Police Station said on 22 December that he received a statement stating that he was buying a weapon in a nearby shop and damaged his body after he was killed by a man accused of murder and corruption. The police are expected to identify a karaoke room in Anyang where he is active as soon as a seizure order has been issued, according to a statement by Ms. Kang, who said she had damaged her body in the karaoke room.

"I asked a customer who only went to sing karaoke and asked if I wanted to replace him after the helper came in," said Mrs. Sohn, who told the police that he had threatened to "report the helper's offer". The police have been accused of incidentally committing a single offense. In the case of serious corruption, crime and the process of organizing the corpses, however, investigations are continued with the possibility of planned crimes or accidents.

A policeman was arrested on the Seosan Highway in Seosan Highway on April 21 at about 9.40 am on March 21, after he had found a damaged body in a forest path near the Seoul National University Park.

Gwacheon = Kanghee Cheong reporter [email protected]

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