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Shin Suh
Shin Suh

On 27 April at 4:50 pm an unfortunate incident happened in an apartment complex in Songdo-dong, Incheon. Silver Camry cars were stopped while blocking the underground parking ramp. The driver has not been seen. Residents who suffered from six hours of extreme discomfort moved the car to a nearby India. When the car owner did not show up, the residents photographed and placed them on social media at the time of illegal parking. In the next few days the case of the & # 39; Songdo-illegal parking lot & # 39; the internet surprisingly surprised. The owner apologized only three days later.

Apartment residents first contacted the department office and asked them to "take the car away". However, police officers and district staff on the scene hit their hands. There was no reason to pull the car with force. Police and departments issue illegal parking vehicles in accordance with the Road Traffic Act. The access to the parking lot of the apartment was not a public road but a private place, so it could not be towed away.

Of course you can not pull at all. The Automobile Control Act prohibits vehicles from being left on private property. It only takes a long time. A mandatory draw can be made within 20 days after the local authority has informed the owner of the unauthorized parking provider that a notification has been received. It is difficult to solve quickly. Even if the US is illegally parked on private property, the police or police officers are sent away and the vehicle can be towed immediately.

Apart from towing the vehicle, the borrower is punished. The police have placed the owner of this Camry car as a general traffic jam in criminal law. If he interferes with road traffic, he is sentenced to 10 years in prison or sentenced to a fine of 15 million won or less. The & # 39; country & # 39; this law contains punishment for the case because it includes not only roads, but also private roads. However, there are many observations that even if they are handed over to the process, they are likely to get a fine. In June, a fine of 3 million was won to a real estate agent who had been charged with interference in public traffic by illegally parking several times at the entrance to the construction site.

There was a similar case in Japan. Hirano Yasuo, 66, living in Sakai City, Osaka, Japan, built a 2 meter high fence for a house for a house in January 2005. This alley was owned by the people. Hirano was arrested on charges of "interfering with travel" and was given a three-year trial period of 10 months in prison.

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