Lee Jae-chan, Democratic party, president elected 10 times more

In addition, the leader of the Democratic Party, Lee Hae-chan, said on October 17: "Do not you (Democrats) have 10 other (presidents) to choose?" "The Democratic Party has created President Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo-hyun and last year he voted Moon Jae-in," Lee said during the commemoration ceremony of the 63rd anniversary of the Democratic Party's presidential election.

"In 1955, when I was in a difficult time, I founded the Democratic Party and ran for 63 years," he said. "The Democratic Party was a big pillar of democracy."

63rd anniversary ceremony
Criticism of Korean growth

"In 2007 there will be 120 new institutions, including new ones, after looking at the number of institutions that because of their own personality can not go to the provinces, I think it will take some time, because I have to take different conditions for the settlement , select the goals and create migration conditions. "

Lee said: "I can not keep up with President Moon Jae-in to say that he will be able to achieve the minimum wage of 10,000 in 2020."

"The focus of the measure is on the speculation of very few people," he said about the "9 · 13 real estate policy." He said it was not aimed at further taxation, but a tax bomb.

Lee Jae-yong, the vice-president of Samsung Electronics, said: "This Vice-President is one of the most important business people in Korea and a very important part of the inter-Korean economic exchange and cooperation, and I have to be very careful about it. point that I have to visit Korea. & # 39;

"I would like to have some truthfulness," he said, adding that "the free Korean government, with its national growth theory, proposed a debate on economic policy." "It's not worth talking to people born with maternal growth, and it has to be fair to some extent," he noted.

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