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Participants shout slogans towards the end of sexual violence and sex discrimination organized by Citizen's Action with the MiTu movement on the road in front of the Seoul Historical Museum in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 18th. NEWSIS

A large group of women's groups protesting against the murder of the former Chungnam governor of Ahn Hee-jung 1 took place in the afternoon of the 18th century for the Seoul History Museum in Jongno-gu, Seoul.

The participants in the rally, organized by the Citizen Action with Mitu Movement, held a ceremony on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the protest,

"He is guilty of innocence." "Why is a victim called a bamboo rake or a mop?" "Silence is a crime," he said. "

During the ceremony, Jung told Sun Ahn Hee Jung, a joint committee for incidents involving sexual violence:" I will not protect myself "," Do not protect me ","

Kim said: "I said that I it would survive, but my health is not complete.I have not slept well since last March.

On the afternoon of the 18th, Seoul National Museum of History, Jongno-gu, Seoul, said: "I was saddened by anger and grief often after the 14th. "" I thought that if I could die, Participants shout slogans at the end of sexual violence and sex discrimination organized by citizen participation with the MiTu movement on the road ahead.
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The controversy about self revealed since the innocent conviction "I was exposed to physical violence and sexual violence by Ahn Hee-jeong that day, and I expressed the biggest rejection I could make that day. "I did not run away because I thought I would be cut off at work that day." I believed that he would not do that again on that day. "

" I also sincerely responded to the ongoing research into the persecution and the strange questions, I answered consistently and presented a lot of evidence. "The judge heard my answer for three minutes. You have read the evidence that the Prosecution once again confirmed.

Kim said, "It is power, but it is not power, there was unwanted sex, but no sexual violence, what is not, I will live until I can correct it."

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