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The Ministry of National Defense announced on 21 July that it will launch the seven-cylinder anti-ballistic missile-II missile called "Korean Patriot" by 2023 as planned.

The Ministry of National Defense said: "We have decided to continue the current plan as a result of a comprehensive assessment of the ability to respond to nuclear and missile threats in North Korea, creating an export base and the efficiency of use of the budget. "

As a result of the need for the ROK-II missile to intercept the ballistic missile at a height of 30 to 40 km or more and to have its own defense capability to respond to nuclear and missile threats in North Korea, The Defense Business Promotion Committee has confirmed the mass production plan.

Song Hyung-moo, the Minister of Defense, however, proposed a plan to divide the Iron-II project into two categories and issued the contract with the production company. Song said: "We are considering a separate plan for the first half of the year and the second half in relation to mass production of Steel II at a press conference on 12 March." If we do business for 7 ~ 8 years from the following year, (Half the volume of mass production) to the first (first) and go to the first (the second).

The Ministry of National Defense said: "Given the fact that it has to work more than 30 years after start-up, we will separate mass production in the first and second," We have revised the plan to secure the improved interceptor system, "he said. . "As a result of the comprehensive review, we believe it is advantageous to provide the Iron-II with ballistic interceptor capacity as planned."

The official said: "Since the threat of North Korea's Scud missiles capable of carrying nuclear and chemical weapons is still present, it is necessary to set up the Iron-II in accordance with the existing plan, It can also contribute to the core military capabilities of the ROK Army for the future. "

"In terms of export infrastructure, potential export target countries evaluate the reliability of the weapon system based on the progress of electricity generation in the producing countries. So if the Iron II project continues according to plan, it will contribute to creating an export base and improving competitiveness "He added.

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