MK-news – Certified Jung Hyung-joon Navy military officer

Navy officials are certified as a Korean art culture master & # 39; in the field of traditional Western art. The protagonist is Chung Hyung-joon, member of the 3rd navy fleet.

Traditional worship services are traditional crafts that engrave letters and patterns on stone, wood, jade, porcelain and tiles.

According to the Navy on June 2, Chung is accredited by the Korean Federation of Arts and

The Korean master in art and culture certifies the Korean people who have contributed to the maintenance and development of traditional culture through research.

So far, about 300 people have been certified as masters and there are about 10 traditional masters. Chung has learned to engrave in a class for fine arts in high school and has met the teacher who comes up professionally in high school and enters the traditional Western way.

Since the appointment of a citizen in 1993, he spent four hours a day after work on weekdays and during the weekend with activities in wartime. So far, I have invested a total of 36,000 hours and produced around 500 works.

Since 2003 he has been organizing the & # 39; Yudalsan Traditional Seeking Study Group & # 39 ;, a daughter club, which teaches soldiers and officials to worship.

Chung has donated 50 pieces of his works to his troops. His work was shown at the Jeonnam Art Fair and won the first prize at the Korea Peace Art Festival.

He has been working as a technical officer in the field of managing trawl neighbors for more than 25 years, and has received more than 10 recommendations from the Chief of Naval Staff.

"I will do my best to contribute to the naval power and to make the traditional culture of Korea succeed and develop by unleashing the talents of the traditional wise field in the future," Chung said.

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