MK-news – Commander of Brooks Coalition "Demilitarized Zone Removal"

Vincent Brooks, commander of the United States and the United States, agreed on 22 July that North and South agreed to withdraw the diplomatic demonstration of the demilitarized zone (DM), with the words: "The withdrawal of the general practitioner is a measure to alleviate military tensions and establish trust between the two Korea's. " He said.

Asked about his views on the withdrawal of general practitioners from the press conference on the same day at the Seoul Press Center, Mr Brooks expressed this view.

"MDL (Military Demarcation Line) has played a role in preventing the return of the hostile situation to the Korean peninsula," he said. "Although the withdrawal of general practitioners is risky to some extent, the withdrawal of GPs will help to reduce tensions and build trust between the two Korean companies." He said.

"I am a military commander responsible for military tensions," Brooks said. "But as a commander responsible for the ROK defense, you have to think about which military implications GP has for defending MDL, and there is some concern about the part that needs to be paid."

"If UFG & # 39; s and other UFG's are stopped," he said, "the combined effect of training (such as UFG) is to increase effectiveness, but because we have suspended the training, we need other ways In order to achieve this effect, although the effectiveness of the joint training can not be exactly the same, I have the responsibility to find new solutions for maintaining military readiness as a military commander. "

"I felt like I was on a roller coaster during my tenure," he recalls. "There was a time of increased tension and there were times when we could capture new opportunities," he recalled.

"We have made great efforts to reach diplomatic negotiations and efforts to achieve the army's results (to solve the Korean peninsula's problem)," Brooks said. "We now have the atmosphere to solve the Korean peninsula problem through dialogue."

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