MK News – Uijeongbu City returns to future work experience facilities

An experience center, a training facility for young people …

According to Uijeongbu City on 19 December, Narybeck City, the core of future work experience facilities, will be located in the Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency

A private company, Nary Beck City, will invest a total of 2070 billion dollars to complete the project.

Future Work Experience Hall (amusement park) 1) is being built with two basements, a ground floor and a total area of ​​74,552 square meters.

Firefighters, crews and more. The experiential science museum (Theme Park 2) is built with 2 floors underground, 7 floors above ground, a total area of ​​42,868 square meters, and it is decorated with different exhibition themes such as life science and creativity.

The development of Narybeck City is a plan to increase the costs of building future experience facilities by selling apartments, office buildings, etc.

City of Uijeongbu In July 2016, the company signed an MOU with the company to create a future work experience facility.

Uijeongbu city continues seriously with the project because it is expected that the pollution of the country will be ready by the end of next year, and will continue with the administrative procedure

Recently, the government sent opinions from related organizations such as environment, transport, military facilities, etc., and work is being done to supplement the plans.

Uijeongbu expects to complete the administrative process by the end of next year when the pollution is over and to start construction in the first half of 2020.

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