"Name the innovation homepage of the government"

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"Give me the name of the homepage of government innovation"

I look forward to the 31st day of the name contest

(Seoul = News 1) reporter Lee Jae-sun |

(provided by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security). [Nieuws] [Nieuws]

The Ministry of Public Administration and Security announced on 20 April that it is the competition for the name of government innovation (www.innogov.go.kr) & # 39; will perform until March 31

(Homepage), which is the starting point to make it.

A total of 10 candidates who have proposed new names are selected and awarded and the result is announced on September 7 It is announced by announcing announcement of innovation benefits and individual notification.

Yongbu-nuri offers a variety of materials to help the public understand the government's innovation and promote innovation in the direction the public wants, through online proposals, debates and voices.

With regard to Kim Il-jae, the director of the government's innovation organization, said: "I look forward to different ideas that can be easily and kindly expressed." The government will promote innovation that helps people improve their quality of life. We will continue to make efforts to do this. "

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