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Prize for the priest "Take part in the working of the domestic staff and promote the implementation of a straight line for the director-general"

The Jogye order of the general manager,

Against this background the council of the headquarters of diocese headquarters for the protection of the same time visa, and so on.

The National Committee for the Promotion of the National Monks held a briefing session in the Friendship Park near Jogyesa on the morning of the 20th and announced plans for the reform of the Jogye Order in the national monasteries.

I am very concerned about the movement to encourage people to mobilize the crowd in the same place to actively interfere. "[1965]

The reform proposal of the National Monk Contest Committee must be held by the family members of the family

First, a term reform committee was formed to participate in the rehabilitation and eventually a family reunion was held and the operation of the Buddhist temple.

By introducing a voting system that can be decided by participating in the most important events of the end, the government also intends to apply direct impeachment to the forces that eliminate constitutional law.

In addition, directors of the general secretary were appointed and the general secretary was appointed as headquarters of the head office of the head office of the main office of the head office,

Conventions of the monks are a supreme legal event beyond constitutional law.

The national monks congress in 1994 is regarded as the starting point for the final reform.

However, the authority of a priesthood depends on the number of monks who participate.

The committee said: "Currently it is difficult to predict the number of attendees."

The national monk tournament is set up by the settlers

Major members of the Jogye Order, such as the main meeting of the headquarters and the main meeting of the parish, declare that they will not allow the conventions of the monks.

In a resolution adopted on the 16th of this year by the Central Assembly, the conventions of the monks are armed only masks of hunters with shyness and janmuchi who do not care about the dynasty and the orderly order for their purposes.

Earlier, the headquarters board of the head office said: "I totally disagree that the conventions of the monks, which all members disagree with, break the order of the people and ultimately increase the chaos. . "

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