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Input: 2018.09.19 14:14

The Korea Housing Finance Corporation (KNHC) said on October 19 that it will cut interest rates by 0.10 percentage point for October against its long-term fixed-rate loan and partial repayment of residential mortgage, Bogeumjari.

DB for shipbuilding

DB for shipbuilding

The & # 39; t-bogeumari theory & # 39 ;, which is applied via the home page (www.hf.go.kr) and the & # 39; t-bogeumari theory & # 39; applied to the bank window, is 3.10% (maturity 10 years) ~ 3.35% 30 years). In addition, the interest rate of 3.00% (10 years) ~ 3.25% (30 years) is 0.10%, which is lower than the 0.1 percentage point discount, which is a cost saving by applying online, such as an electronic contract.

The better bugeogiaron percentage, which can be used to change the variable interest rate or the temporary repayment loan of the second financial institution, is the same as the general bogeumjari theory.

Even if you are a socially responsible person (single-parent family, handicapped, multicultural, more than 3 children), or if you are a newly married couple, you can get extra preferential rates. It is possible to get a discount of 0.02% p at the maximum rate of 0.80% when applying the interest rate overlap and 0.02% p on the security bag app.

An architectural official said: "We have decided to reduce the interest rate on the Bogeumjari loan by 0.10 percentage points in October by actively reflecting the changes in the market funding ratio to support the housing financing of the people."

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