Organic animal statistics site rose 5.5 times this summer

[여성종합뉴스] It is a recurring phenomenon in every summer season, but this year, when the heat wave was on the way, the abandoned organic animals have risen to five times the annual average

A large number of organic animals in the summer is due to the fact that companion animals become objects during the holiday season when they leave their homes for a long time when they leave their families.

According to information from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Stock Breeding Foods and Beverages, & # 39; Paw in Hand & # 39; from the website for organic animal statistics, 7,657 organic animals are protected by the national shelters from 1 January to 17 November, compared to 5.5 times in the same period last year (13393).

The companion animal organism is "pointed out that because of the environment that can be bought and sold just as easily as the goods, it is because of the misconception that the companion does not respect the creature as a living thing" and "the punishment for companion animal organism is strengthened, and efforts to find new owners of animals are necessary. "

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