Park Won-soon "I go for a day with a wheelchair" … Guarantee of the right to disabled people

On the afternoon of the second day I attended the youth congress in Seoul in the big hall of the city council,

▲ Mayor Park Won-soon (photo)
▲ Mayor Park Won-soon (photo)
[아시아경제 금보령 기자] Park Won – the mayor of Seoul will soon take a wheelchair ride and experience public transport in Seoul.

Mayor Park Won soon attended the Seoul Young People & # 39; s Assembly which was held on the afternoon of the 2nd session of the Seoul Metropolitan Assembly.

Park believes that he will participate in the experience administration to solve the problem of guaranteeing the rights of disabled people. In response to the question of a young legislator who pointed to the problem of the disabled person in the day, he decided to ride one day for a wheelchair.

Young lawmakers urged passengers with disabilities to introduce a system to inform bus drivers of the entry intentions. He also asked bus drivers to take care of the disabled and regular buses for low-floor buses.

The city manages the Seoul Youth Policy Network & # 39; with young people aged 19 to 39 who live in or around Seoul. If you receive more than 3 members of the members of the policy network, you will become a young member of the board.

Under the policy proposed by young legislators, there are youth benefits, a doubling of the hope for young people and the creation of jobs for young people.

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