Pilot operation & # 39; Operation on weekdays & # 39 ;, expanded to 13 units maritime, maritime and maritime groups

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 Minister Song Young-min (Seoul-Yonhap News) announced on May 27 that Minister of Defense Song Jong-moo of the Ministry of National Defense, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, announced the National Defense Reform 2.0. June 19, 2018
Minister Song Young-min to announce defense reform plan Minister of Defense Song Hyung-moo has defense reform 2.0 & # 39; defense reform & # 39; announced in the briefing session of Yongsan-gu, Seoul, The Ministry of National Defense (MND) announced on 19 December that it expanded the troops to control the troops prior to the execution of the decommissioned system of soldiers the weekday ended.

From 20 to 31 October there are thirteen units such as the Coast Guard, the Air Force and the Marine Corps.

The pilot units are: Army 3 · 7 · 12 · 21 · 32 Division ▲ Marine 1 Fleet ▲ Marine Corps 2 Division 8th Regiment, 6 Division Brigade Support Battalion, Yeonpyeong Unit 90 Battalion ▲ Air Force 1 Fighter Wing,

However, the weekdays and after-hours of the soldiers are limited to visits to parents and family, visits to outpatient clinics and activities for the unification of minorities and platoons. Drinking is absolutely forbidden, but the PC room and entrance are not limited during the use of the pilot. As soon as the approval of the commander has been obtained, it is possible to enter and leave the PC.

The outing is limited to the area designated by the commander of each unit and must go out after 18:00 after the end of the day of the weekday and return before the check-out time (normally 22:00) . The return time was adjusted by the judgment of the commander with due observance of the additional conditions.

The Ministry of National Defense said: "In the case of the army, the number of outgoing personnel on weekdays should be within 35% of the troops, including those on leave, outbound and outsiders, and within 33% of the navy and air force. "

Meanwhile, the Department of National Defense (MND) has announced that it will extend the pilot operations from four military units to four military units, including the Defense Civil Defense Command,

. An official from the Ministry of National Defense said: " From 1 to 30 of the following month, every military demonstration team will test the use of mobile phones after the day ", according to the evaluation of each military demonstration team. "We have selected each army unit by assessing the pilot operation of the troops directly under the Ministry of National Defense."

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