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Central office of the central prosecutor in Seoul (left) and district court in Seoul (right)

Prosecutors investigate the alleged abuse of the judiciary and on June 6, they are seeking the Supreme Court for allegedly creating a slush fund of 350 million won. Prosecutors are expected to speed up the investigation by receiving a search warrant for seizure of the Supreme Court on charges of smuggling.

The Public Prosecutor's Office of the Seoul District Hall (Chief Inspector Han Dong-Hun, deputy director general, Dong Duk Hoon) has allocated the budget to "the operating costs of each office of the public service of the public service broadcaster" charged with drafting fraudulent documents and their cashing in for incentives and external activities for high judges. The Budget Office of the Supreme Court, the office of the Finance Officer and Lee Min-cheol, the former head of the administrative department of the Supreme Court.

The prosecutor investigates the case in 2015, when the administration office won a 350 million slush fund and collected internal documents with the circumstance handed to senior judges, such as the head judge of each court. At the time, Gang Hyeong-joo was known as the deputy administrator and Park Byeong-dae, former deputy administrator, led the creation of the slush fund.

In particular, the Prosecution also confirmed that the smuggling funds were paid when the supreme court of the Supreme Court of Yang Seung-tae held a national courtroom at the Yeosu Amble Hotel in Jeollanam-do on 5-6 March 2015. Seoul Central District Court won 24 million, Seoul District Court won 16 million, Suwon District Court won 14 million, Incheon, Busan and Daegu District Court won 12 million, and Daejeon District Court won 11 million. At the time of the meeting there were two deputy chief judge and the former deputy head commissioner Park, the chief judge of Choongguk, the national court, the patent court, the court, the family court and the court.

The Supreme Court ruled on 5 May that it was necessary to explain directly to the chiefs of the courts how the case should be organized and carried out, since the expenses for the office of the public office were first organized in 2015, he said .

The Prosecution, however, said: "We confirmed the fact that the director of the Keynote Administrative Department sent a message to the heads of the court who received the money and said:" The expenses of the office of the public office are the expenses that are organized to support the external activities of the heads. I do not have any money that I can use as a stack of money. & # 39;

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