Rainy weather like th … The central region today 50 mm strong rain per hour

On the 26th, more than 200 mm of heavy rain flows in the south of the country.

Korea's Meteorological Administration said: "On the 27th, the whole country will be cloudy and rainy because of the tsunami effect, and Seoul, Gyeonggi Province and Gangwon Province will stop gradually from noon." "Jeju Island will be cloudy and mountainous areas will rain until the morning."

In the rainy area, thunderstorms and lightning strikes coincide with gusts, in particular a lot of rain with very strong rain of more than 50 mm per hour in Gyeonggi, South, Gangwon, South, Chungcheong and North Gyeongbuk.

The Meteorological Administration predicted that the entire country would be overcast because of the tsunami's influence on the 28th, the central region would be rainy and the southern region would gradually stop at noon. There are many places in Jeollanam and Gyeongnam that show a break.

The Meteorological Agency predicted that it would rain on the 29th to the 30th.

A drought followed last summer with a long heat wave, but this time it rains for five consecutive days.

Some say that rain & # 39; autumn rain & # 39; is, but it is difficult to see it as autumn season.

In general, the rainy season means that the high pressure forces in the Northern Pacific will decrease from late August to October and when the cold continental air pressure spreads southward,

A Meteorological Administration official in Korea said: "Although the rain was concentrated in a narrow area on the 26th day of the day due to the formation of a long, belt-shaped rain cloud, it seemed like a rainy season, but the rain of the day passed by. narrow passage through the northwestern plateau. "He said.

The tropical low pressure section (TD), a small typhoon & # 39; in the south of China, supplied water vapor.

The expected rainfall of the entire country at 27th is: Seoul, Gyeonggi South, South Gangwon, Chungcheong, Jeonbuk, North Gyeongbuk 50 ~ 150㎜ (South Gyeongsang, (With the exception of Jeonbuk and North Gyeongbuk provinces), Ulleungdo and Dokdo 30 ~ 80㎜ ▶ Jeju Island is 5 ~ 30㎜ mountains.

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